Friday Night Mishnayoth

Inspired by Mr. Morris Ashear.
When the long winter Friday nights begin we need an extra portion of learning Torah to add perpective to this most Holy day. After kneese is over we remain an extra fifteen- twenty minutes to learn MISHNA- same letters as NESHAMA.
It enhances our appreciation of Shabbat and is a known segula for blessing and success.
Monday 6:40 AM
Tuesday 6:45 AM
Wednesday 6:45 AM
Thursday 6:40 AM
Friday 6:45 AM
Shabbat 8:30 AM
Sunday 7:30 AM &
8:30 AM

see schedule

Seats available for purchase as well as dedications to Hessed Fund, Breakfast, Seudot and learning, by the day, week or month. Please see a committee member.
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